Is Your Company Getting Back What It Deserves?

Most companies shipping a high volume of parcel shipments with FedEX, or UPS, have not been benefiting from the Money-Back Guarantee programs that the carriers have in place. These programs are designed to give credits or refunds for each shipment that experiences a service failure (see side bar). Have you ever received a check? We thought so. Don’t feel bad, it is estimated that of the $2 billion dollars in service failure refunds owed by the carriers each year $1.5 billion go unclaimed.

The carriers don’t talk much about their money back program and they certainly are not going to take the initiative to inform you of a refund due. They instead rely on the shipper to track and request the refunds. And lets face it, most organizations moving large numbers of packages a day do not have the time or resources to be able to efficiently find these refunds.


Take control of your parcel shipment expenses

Our Parcel Audit & Recovery technology is your key to realizing an average of 3-8% savings from your parcel shipping spend. The system is a robust, easy to use, web-based application that electronically audits each one of your invoices from FedEx or UPS finding the service errors and helping you recover the overcharge refunds you deserve.

The application resides on our servers, so no implementation is required by your IT department. In many cases, we can have you up and running in 48 hrs. After initial setup, your invoice data is automatically fed into the software via EDI and requires no data input. Once audited, the system presents all of your invoices with the itemized shipments, associated credits or refunds and reporting functions in a web-browser based interface that you can access anytime from anywhere.

It’s not often you find a true “No Brainer”

There are No Risks to you for us to perform our analyses and Logistics Optimization, only benefits. We ask for nothing up-front. And we only get paid if we find savings for you. You simply share a portion of those savings with us. It is the often talked about but less frequently witnessed “Win-Win”.

Let us give you an online demonstration and show you how easy it is for your organization to start saving money.


Parcel Invoice Audit Summary:


  • Recovers credits and refunds resulting in 3-5% savings from your parcel shipping operations.
  • Application resides on our servers. No installations for your IT department.
  • Begin saving in as little as 48 hrs.
  • Valuable reporting data helps you optimize your supply/distribution chain
  • Drastically reduce man-hours required to pay carrier invoices.
  • No implementation fees or long-term contracts.
  • We don’t get paid unless you do. Our fees are based entirely upon performance so there is truly NO RISK to try.